Founded in 2011, the brand is built upon having distinct gender independent collections, which offer high quality clothing as well as a unique brand universe. Brownie and Blondie is a unisex streetwear tailoring brand and is producing two lines: the clothing line and the socks collection. The socks collection is a collaboration with Manufacture Perrin, and is produced 100% in France. The Brownie and Blondie collection is entirely produced in Europe.

The label’s idea and origin was bringing together a sport oriented outside fabric, polyamide elastane micro perforated, breathable, crease proof, UV-resistant and washable with a grey cotton jersey lining. Since then Fabrice Couturier creates collections that follow the wearers body, regardless of gender or size in technically advanced fabrics such as double-face fabrics or a hot-melt laminating of a elegant wool fabric with washable leather.

Brownie and Blondie relies on the technical and creative excellence of Fabrice Couturier whilst pushing the limits of streetwear. French couture precision tailoring combined with breakthrough fabrics and a streetwear/rock attitude creates something that Couturier believe is very relevant to culture right now: a blend of high-fashion and high-function. The label is building a legacy of sportswear luxury and pushing forward with the advent of new breakthrough fabrics with high-end European suppliers; constantly searching for innovating and creating new fabrics and styles.


New headquarters in mâcon

Unisex fashion brand BROWNIE AND BLONDIE has moved its Headquarter from Berlin, Germany to Macon, France. The new location in France will accommodate the growth of its online business, providing a stronger local presence in Macon and a more central and accessible venue for European suppliers.

Originally built in the 18th century as a splendid mansion, the beautiful landmarked building nowadays houses the Art & Letters society. 

Commenting on the move, Fabrice Couturier, founder of Brownie and Blondie, said: “By moving its Headquarter to France, Brownie and Blondie is going back to its roots. Macon is my birthplace, my family lives and works here and after decades in Paris and Berlin we want to give something back and support this region. Even though we are an internationally operating fashion brand, Brownie and Blondie has always been a family enterprise with strong personal relations to employees, suppliers and collaboration partners.”

The duality and alliance of opposite values inspires the unisex nature of Brownie and Blondie. With the new Headquarter in Macon the brand embraces the differences between tradition and innovation, between rural and urban. The new location emphasizes the contrast between the brand’s innovative unisex collection, its technically advanced fabrics and the landmarked architecture and interior design of the historic building.