Unisex Fragrance - Bon Parfumeur - 902

Unisex Fragrance - Bon Parfumeur - 902


Bon Parfumeur Paris - Unisex Fragrances

NEW FRAGRANCE Fall-winter 2017
Eau de parfum
30 ml – 1 fl.oz.

Strength of the armagnac, softness of the vanilla.

The top, fresh and citric. Then, the spicy and powdery note associates with woody facets giving an impression of dried and broken leaves. Tabaco and vanilla tones constantly echoes. After a few instants, a leathery and coffee note develops. Rich and gourmet…a perfume that evokes an effluvium of Armagnac.

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About Bon Parfumeur.

It isn’t often that a new independent perfume brand comes along with such a strong concept and design as Bon Parfumeur. Developed by Ludovic Bonneton, former digital director of French beauty brand Yves Rocher, it launched with 15 fragrances, numbered from 001 to 902, their labels colour coded by fragrance family.

The scents are designed to be mixed and matched, and each is simply identified by three key ingredients rather than by a poetically florid name: perfume 201, for example, is described as ‘Pomme verte / Muguet / Poire’ and 402 is ‘Vanille / Caramel / Santal’. 

The brand’s conceptual clarity extends to the labels and packaging, designed by ex-Sonia Rykiel creative director Ronan Teissèdre, while the scents themselves have been developed by six young perfumers: Nathalie Koobus, Philippe Romano, Karine Dubreuil-Sereni, Corinne Cachen, Alexandra Monet and Benoit Lapouza.

According to spokesman Jean Yves Salasca, ‘all the fragrances have been chosen and selected using blind-test evaluation by a committee of leading names from the perfume world’, and they’re affordably priced at €35 for 30ml.